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1. Consultation

Before scheduling a photo shoot, I would like to speak with you to get to know you better and discuss your needs.

This consultation is free of charge and does not imply any obligation on your part, we are just talking!  

If my services interest you, this little 15 minutes well invested will allow me to get to know you and thus personalize your experience!

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15-30 minutes
Free of charge
Telephone or Video (Teams)

If you hire me, we will choose a date, I will send you my contract and your session will be reserved as soon as the deposit of $200.00 (non-refundable) will be paid.  

1. Consultation

This is one of the most interesting stages!  

We will share our ideas on the style of session that you would like and we will look together at the clothes / outfits that suit you best.  

It's time to discover Instagram and Pinterest to find inspiration!  

Here is my Instagram, to give you ideas! 

1. Consultation

Here comes the big day.  

You will be stressed, but you will see it will go away very quickly.


When you arrive, a makeup artist will be there and the transformation can begin. I like to take a before and after photo to show that with a little glam, we can make you shine even more! 

21-03-14 Marie-France-1.jpg

Makeup at home and makeup by a professional are not the same since the camera does not have the same brain as us.

It is for this reason that one can dare a beautiful ''smokey eye'' in photography and that it will not be so extravagant on your photographs. This is what I recommend to all my clients. 

21-03-14 Marie-France-37.jpg

1. Consultation

What you've been waiting for since the beginning: YOUR BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!  

In the 2 weeks following the photo shoot, we will meet (virtually) so that I can show you your online gallery. It is the reveal of your photos, of all that we have done together.  

Keep in mind that this is also a buying session for your products: photos, albums, metal print, etc.


Lors de la séance de dévoilement, vous pourrez choisir vos images préférées et ainsi décider quel produit vous voulez acheter pour immortaliser ces images. 

Serait-ce une boite photo ou un album ? 

Tous les produits que j'offre sont haut de gamme et perdureront dans le temps.

Également, ils sont confectionnés par une équipe 100% féminine et Canadienne.

Regardez par vous-même et vous tomberez en amour avec ces produits, tout comme moi !

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