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Là où vous êtes la priorité et où vos attentes seront surpassées. 

Vanessa Bouger 

Your photographer in Quebec City

My name is Vanessa Bouger and photography has always been a passion. I always try to highlight my client's best assets as I would like any photographer to do with me.  

I love making creative projects and giving you beautiful memories. I specialize in boudoir photography to show women their true beauty.

I pride myself in being energetic, sweet and super nice. My goal is for you to quickly forget the camera and fully enjoy your photo session with me !


Let's make some great art pieces together ! 


Mon tout nouveau studio

Conçu spécialement pour créer des séances boudoir mémorable, ce nouveau studio comporte plusieurs éléments permettant d'offrir de la diversité pour vivre pleinement votre expérience.

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22-02-12 Véronique-7.jpg

Boudoir photography is a niche in portrait photography. It is a mixture of fashion portraiture, fine art and glamour.  

Beauty has no age. To do a boudoir photo shoot is to release your femininity. Let out the goddess in you!

Each woman is unique. Let me customize your session to suit your needs. 

It's time to think about you. 
You deserve it !

Treat yourself with the BOUDOIR experience

Types de Séance


21-06-19 Marie-Hélène-1.jpg


21-02-10 - Boudoir-3.jpg


21-07-23 Natalie-18.jpg




21-06-19 Jessika-4.jpg

Nu Artistique


More than just a photo shoot:


Treat yourself to this special moment devoted entirely to you.

Not sure this is for you? Let me convince you otherwise. 

Don't wait for the perfect moment. No matter your weight or age, it's time to treat yourself.

Schedule your consultation, by phone or video, so that we can discuss your needs and expectations.

All women deserve to take a moment for themselves and invest in their well-being.

My mission : EMPOWERING women by immortalizing their BEAUTY and boosting their CONFIDENCE through a UNIQUE experience.


Do you know you want to experience a boudoir photoshoot one day?  

You can offer it to yourself, but also offer it to someone dear to you.  

Allowing her to live this unique experience is a great idea for a birthday, a special life event or a Christmas gift. 

Carte Cadeau RECTO-VERSO
Carte Cadeau RECTO
Carte Cadeau VERSO


and become a BELLA

A strong, free and independent woman supported by a community of women.

Femmes multiculturelles

Intended only for women aged 18+, this group is a safe place to share our thoughts, photos, advice, etc. 

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